Hi, my name is Seanny, I am both a designer and photographer located in southern California. Thank you very much for visiting my website and taking the time to get to know me.

I've always been a designer at heart, even as a child, and that lead me to graduating from Woodbury University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design in 1999. Since then I've worked as a designer in the music industry, and later on as a creative director at a magazine publishing company.

I have always loved how design can play such an important role in a wedding. It sets the tone of the wedding, from save-the-dates, to invitations, all the way to the little personalized tag on the favors. Your wedding is all about you, the bride and the groom, and I can design everything to fit your personalities and tastes. I believe that every detail is important, and it can make your guests feel how special your day is to you.

My love of photography began a few years ago when my friend was planning her wedding. I was looking at wedding photographer portfolios with her and instantly fell in love with the photojournalism used to capture the event. Having been a bride myself, I know the importance of photography in crystallizing your memories and feelings of this wonderful day. I will seek to capture the big and little moments, the emotions and details, and the story so that you may look back on it with fondness and beautiful nostagia. I will photograph your wedding the way I would my own.


Seanny Ma


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